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I met Lilyan through Women In Film several years ago, and being French myself, we became very close friends. Actually, Lilyan was an aunt to me. We used to joke together that I had found my “lost aunt” because through some mysterious coincidence from the universe, we had many similarities in our heritage and in our reasons for leaving France to come to the United States. My grand-mother was also from the Valley of Aosta in Italy, just like Lilyan was. I used to spend my childhood summers there. Just like Lilyan, I came over here to pursue my passion. Lilyan is an example to anyone who finds excuses for not doing something, for giving up. Lilyan never had any excuses. She never gave up on her passion, or on anything she did. It is the message I give my children constantly. Never give up on your passion.
Lilyan was always there for me when I went through some tough times personally and professionally. Lilyan worked with me on several of my scripts and on my current production, Out Of Focus, a supernatural thriller. Lilyan read the script and provided me with great advice. I made the changes she recommended and they are now in the film!!! I can pinpoint to the changes I made thanks to Lilyan's insight... line by line...

I was very sad not to be able to attend the memorial as on that weekend we were shooting the last two days of the production in Phoenix, AZ. I have dedicated the film to Lilyan for being my "lost aunt,” a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration. She always encouraged me in everything I undertook.

Lilyan, you are in my thoughts as I am now in post-production for Out Of Focus.
Thank you, Lilyan. You will be in my heart and thoughts for as long as I live. I miss our get-togethers, talking about politics, films, books, France, our dreams, our projects. Thank you. I miss you terribly.

Isabelle Theisen

I knew Lilyan when she was my teacher at the Film Industry Workshop at the old Columbia Studios on Sunset and Gower around 1969 through the early 70s.  She had a humorous caustic wit and didn't mince words when she saw I was gaining weight and let me know it. 
It was at FIWI that I met Keith Walker who became my husband.  Lilyan was privy to our early flirtations and, being French, seemed to enjoy the romance.  We crossed paths with her over the years as actors.  She was loved and memorable to all of her students. 
Coincidentally, I learned of her death because of the passing of the producer, Gene Persson.  His wife, Ruby Dake , had been in our class at the workshop and had told me to check out Gene's obit on the web.  Shockingly, the news of Lilyan's passing popped up instead.  I called Ruby immediately and we shared memories and stories.
Peggy Walton-Walker

I knew the day would come, but didn't expect I would find out today. Lilyan was a special lady, very French and all. She loved her mama "Ta Ta", and was especially proud of her father's work. She was so sure of everything . She thought I'd be perfect for an MGM film that would be shooting in Hong Kong. She pushed David Sachs to get me an audition for "Forced Vengeance" with Chuck Norris. I ended up with a co-starring role, my first "official" acting job. We met in Hawaii after I filmed in Hong Kong, where she and I both got parts in an episode of Magnum PI. That was certainly fun. I rented a little house from her in Studio City. All the kids from acting class would gather there, or we would go up the hill to Lilyans for a pool party. She was always surrounded by adoring students (fans). There are so many stories that I could tell, all flooding my memory as I write this. I am saddened that she is gone fro! m this earth, and am grateful to have crossed paths with her albeit it ever so briefly.

Camila Griggs
Class of 80, 81, 82,...


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Thank you Lily for everything! You were and will always remain a great inspiration to me.

Jim Turner

Thank you. My dear friend. We will always have those secrets.

Love Deni xxoo.

I thank Lilyan for the long talks, the acting lessons (brief as they were) and the encouragement during my time in Los Angeles. Was a fan, am a fan, and will always cherish the memories. If only I had the confidence Lilyan tried to instill in me from the time we met in Utah. I was so saddened to learn of her passing.


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Lilyan's illness and passing has come as a shock to many people including some of her closest friends and students because she never wanted anyone to know that she was ill. She set a profound example of strength and courage by continuing to teach and work as an actress and director despite her suffering through years of chemotherapy.
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Lilyan was passionate about her career in the industry and she relentlessly supported her friends, colleagues and students in their industry careers. She was quick to lend a hand, give a referral, offer advice or encouragement and jump in however she could. As Robert Easton said during the memorial, we are all friends because if you knew Lilyan, that makes us friends.  
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